Download our Youth Services Directory

Tri-County Independent Living is excited to announce it has expanded and is in the process of developing a Youth Program. We now have a dedicated Youth Coordinator, Emmanuel Parage, who has newly joined our team.

Emmanuel has recently organized and facilitated a Youth Transition Network event called Crossing Bridges that was much like our Building Bridges event you may already be familiar with.  The purpose of Crossing Bridges was to bring together key players serving Youth with disabilities to introduce themselves and their organizations, present their philosophy and the Youth services and programs each offers and to network. Ultimately, the event aimed at creating an exhaustive map of already existing Youth services in the community, to identify Youth services that are not being met and determine how to better serve Youth.

The event took place June 21st. From Crossing Bridges a Youth Services directory was compiled and is now available for download or on our Resources Page.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact Emmanuel ( via email or phone.