TCIL Employee Receives Award at NCEPD Luncheon

This year, Tri-County Independent Living’s (TCIL) Independent Living Specialist/Program Coordinator Mari Dorenstreich received an award at the Northwest Committee for the Employment of Disabled People (NCEPD) luncheon to honor and recognize outstanding employees with disabilities and employers who contributed to the employment of people with disabilities. In celebration of October’s “National Disability Employment Awareness Month”, Mari was among those honored for her for over 16 years in service to the local disability community as a person with a disability who has overcome many challenges in her life. Kevin O’Brien, TCIL Board of Directors President, introduced her and presented the award to her along with former Arcata City Council member Mark Wheetley. She was also presented with a bouquet of flowers.

Mari is an expert in her field and provides a variety of services to local persons with disabilities. She has become a specialist in assisting individuals with disabilities apply for and obtain Social Security Disability Insurance, Supplemental Security Income and other benefits. She is a highly respected professional in the local disability community as well as a valued mentor to her co-workers and those she supervises at TCIL.

In her acceptance speech, Mari shared her journey, struggles and challenges as a person with a disability. Her introduction and acceptance speech can be seen at the 27:31 mark of the video