Individual Advocacy:

The purpose of providing individual advocacy is to create and support community options for people living with disabilities.

Our trained and helpful Independent Living Specialists assist individuals in developing goals, identifying dreams, and defining their vision for their life.

TCILC also assists individuals in achieving their personal goals by making appropriate connections within the community and providing necessary information, resources, accommodations, and support. We can help you navigate the intricacies of systems such as Social Security or PASS, Public Housing or IHSS or a variety of other programs in order to meet individual needs. Consumers will be learn how and be encouraged to become self-advocates in exercising social, economic, educational and legal rights.

With direction from the consumer, an independent living plan will be developed to meet specific needs.

Systems Advocacy:

Join with others to change policies to make government, transportation and housing systems more accessible to people with disabilities.

The goal is to educate and support persons with disabilities to work together to dismantle barriers preventing them from living independently. A secondary purpose is to inform the public about issues, concerns, and barriers faced by people with disabilities

Systems change advocacy incorporates educational programs, town hall meetings, action alerts, rallies, legislative visits, public service announcements and other means to help further the cause of people with disabilities.

One local group, the Humboldt Accessibility Action! Committee, has brought about changes by identifying and helping remove accessibility barriers impacting persons with disabilities. You can be part of these success stories by becoming a member of this group.

And, if you know of a project that will improve access, , to download the Accesibility Complaint Form in the downloads section. Fill out the form and submit it to Tri-County Independent Living. We share this information with county and/or city representatives on a regular basis.