Independent Living Skills Training

Teaching signing

Staff works with clients assisting them acquire skills that will enhance their ability to live more independently. Clients learn adaptive techniques and how to use assistive devices for daily living. Education and training to develop practical life skills is an important step to independent living.

Instruction is provided on an individualized basis or in a workshop and can include:

27406236994_eff9822c1c_zLife skills: such as money management, bill paying, organizing, planning, social skills, social media training, healthy living and health care management, personal safety techniques, adaptive techniques for the client’s particular disabilities, using public transportation, pursuing further schooling, vocational training or higher education; obtaining identification, driver’s license or social security card, computer skills

Home skills: such as meal planning, cooking, nutrition, grocery shopping, house cleaning, home safety

Employment Skills: such as resume writing, how to fill out employment applications, job searching, employer expectations and employee responsibilities, effect of social media activity on employment, learning what to request and how to request reasonable accommodations, job skills training